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Hello everyone,

I pray that you are staying well and remaining calm during these unprecedented times. As a Health and Wellness Center we had intended to stay open as long as permitted. Watching how things are continuing to change day by day, we as a staff at Lotus Path have collectively decided to close for the next week. We will be posting updates on our office phone, Facebook, instagram, and our website regarding the next weeks to follow as they also may be closed.

Please do all you can to boost your immune systems: wash hands, stay hydrated, take your supplements, get enough sleep, all the usual stuff you are hearing about!

www.tapping.com is a great tool for dealing with stress. Magnus gives you a handout and hours of free interactive video to learn this invaluable technique. Donna Eden’s 5 minute energy routine on YouTube also helps get your mind balanced and your energy flowing. Meditation apps like CALM work as well. Brevard Yoga is also offering classes via web!

I hope you all have a little extra time to connect with your immediate families and loved ones and to take a little time to breathe and count your blessings.
I will continue to be here for you, and know that I have all of our interests at heart.

I have worked remotely through Skype and FaceTime in the past and it is possible that I may offer this again soon. I will let you know as this becomes available for NIS type/supplemental consultations.

If you have a supplement request, you can continue to email those requests in to Hunter (who will be working from home). She will be compiling requests and communicating with me. At this time we are considering a Thursday curbside pick up once we have received your request and Hunter has confirmed it is actually ready for pickup by notifying you directly. If you do not hear from her please do not assume it is ready! Some of our products are taking longer to get in than usual.

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and ask that you do the same. We are in this together!