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Lotus Path Health & Wellness Vision:

Thank you for visiting this site.  Lotus Path, LLC is committed to providing a holistic, nurturing, inspiring and compassionate approach to optimal health and wellness for all ages.  This is possible through the development of individualized treatment plans that incorporate integrated modalities and services specific to each client's need. Lotus Path has helped clients overcome many health-related issues including: fatigue, pain, headaches, limited joint mobility, pediatric colic, ear infections, complications with conception and fertility, food sensitivities and digestive complaints, and sensory integration and learning challenges. Every modality & service offered at this center is focused on inspiring healing from the inside out.  Looking to empower and inspire clients to search for lasting results rather than quick symptom relief.  If this sounds exciting to you then you have come to the right place in your healing journey!  Your Health is our JOY...

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We cannot heal the past by dwelling in the mud; we heal in the moment as we let our lotus transform and flow with compassion, forgiveness, grace and love!                 ~Kelley Toms