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"Two years ago I had two car accidents back to back. I was t-boned both times. I went to see Kelley where she did my first ever NIS treatment! I left her office feeling amazing. A week later we did some acupuncture. After those treatment my shoulder pain was completely gone."

"I was working out and my knee just went out! The next day my knee was swollen and I couldn’t walk at all. I saw Kelley for acupuncture and as soon as the needles were in, I could feel my quad muscles relax and started feeling some immediate relief."

"Kelley has kept me healthy during flu season. I am constantly at events with sick people everywhere. She makes me an immune tincture. I just believe she is a great healer and I am thankful to have her in my life!""

"Meeting Kelley has been important to the success of my son becoming whole again. Her hope, confidence in his healing, kindness, patience, guidance... helped us to, first, find any hope, and second forge a path that could and would work."

"I specifically came to Lotus Path looking for relief from Sciatic nerve pain and other less aggravating chronic issues. Now, six months and three acupuncture treatments later, the burning sciatic pain running down the leg is gone. Following Kelley's guidance, I'm 10 pounds lighter, blood pressure is in the "ideal" range and spring allergy symptoms are just about totally absent. I suspect the Lotus Path, is the right path."

"Both of my kids have numerous food and environmental allergies as well as issues with eczema. My son also has severe asthma. Seeing Kelley has helped tremendously with all of these issues. The allergic reactions have been minimized and we've learned how to manage my son's asthma without the constant use of steroids and an inhaler. His eczema has cleared up and my daughter's eczema is almost gone as well."

"I have been seeing Kelley for the past 7 years and it has truly been a health journey. I have dealt with various issues since childhood: brain fog, feeling "spacey", fatigue, depression, and menstrual issues. As an adult I've had fertility issues and various allergy issues. Once I began seeing Kelley these issues began to resolve and my overall health greatly improved. Kelley was also a huge help and support during both of my pregnancies. I am so thankful for the knowledge I've gained through seeing Kelley and the way my health has steadily improved over the last 7 years."

"My three children, husband and myself began working with Kelley over two years ago. During this time we have participated in NIS, acupuncture, allergy treatments and a variety of classes. We have seen drastic differences in our overall health, including the improvement of numerous physical and emotional issues. The practitioners at Lotus Path are not only well trained, but also very enjoyable to work with. I have referred numerous friends and family to Lotus Path and will be happy to continue to do so. Thank you Lotus Path!"

"I started bringing my kids to Kelley when my infant daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, an incurable genetic disease. Kelley's faith and natural abilities to heal have been a tremendous asset in supporting my daughter's health. My son started seeing Kelley once we saw immense value in her support, and as a result his asthma has nearly disappeared. He used to require a daily steroid, but now rarely uses any medications and his ability to fight lung infections has drastically improved. I believe that with continued support my son will someday be completely asthma-free. Kelley has been a true gift in supporting both of my kids in their unique health issues."

"Working with Kelley and Lotus Path has been literally life-changing for our family. We started bringing our daughter to see Kelley when she was a year old struggling with an immunodeficiency. Within a few months of working with Kelley our daughter became remarkably healthier. A low inflammation diet, NIS treatments, cranial sacral and supplements have allowed her to blossom into a now very healthy 4.5 year old with a strong immune system. I can't imagine where we'd be right now if we hadn't met Kelley.

"Our youngest daughter's first appointment with Kelley was when she was 13 days old. Seeing her body relax and unwind during her first treatment was something I'll never forget. She has many food challenges and working with Kelley has helped us to figure out what to avoid, what to supplement, and has decreased her sensitivity to certain foods. Kelley has been able to support her to keep her gaining weight, growing, and flourishing through her first two years, and I know with continued treatment we'll be able to add more foods to her diet over time."

"I started treatment with Kelley after having two children in 3 years time in my mid-thirties. I felt terrible, exhausted, and not even remotely in touch with my body. Life-changing is not a strong enough description for what I've experienced. Now instead of dragging through the day surviving on sugar and caffeine, I'm working out daily, enjoying my time with my kids, and feeling like my pre-kid self again... but better. I feel so thankful for Louts Path and Kelley in our lives."

"My son started having issues going to the bathroom as soon as he started eating solid foods. There was straining and swelling and it just kept progressively getting worse. The issues never resolved and I was finally referred to a surgeon. I was scared to death thinking about surgery on my 12 month old little guy knowing that we didn't even know what the real problem was. Everyone kept trying to treat the symptoms but I knew there was an underlying cause that they were all missing. I was able to get in to see Kelley at Lotus Path just a couple of days before his surgery was scheduled. Kelley was so good with him. She was immediately able to determine that he had a sensitively to gluten and casein (dairy). This totally made sense! And the whole time I was feeding him lots of yogurt thinking the good probiotics would help him! Following Kelley's treatment plan, I was able to see dramatic improvements overnight! I was able to cancel the surgery that was scheduled for the next day and give his body time to heal. Without Kelley we probably would have never figured out the root cause and even with the surgery would have continued to experience problems! I'm so grateful to Kelley and everything she has done to help my family."

"Balance. It’s all about balance and that’s what I find at Lotus Path. Balance through acupuncture, NIS, meditation, classes, home visits from Tika to balance our residence, personally tested supplements and essential oils among many other experiences I’ve had there. Lotus Path is a healing place where I continue to learn and am grateful!"

"The Lotus Path experience is truly unique. Both Kelley and Brad are gifted healers. The Touch for Health balance treatment had a surprising psychological effect for me. It seemed to give me a feeling of courage and eagerness to participate fully in my life again. I’m very grateful for that."

"Kelley Toms has been instrumental in treating issues with my liver, migraines, nerve problems, and quite a few other challenges. She is currently helping me with blepharitis using natural remedies. Kelley is an extremely caring individual who works with you, not on you. She has helped me understand how some foods - cheese for me - are not handled well by my system, but she is never judgmental about my choices. I see her first for any physical issues. She is skilled in a wide spectrum of treatments - from Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs and acupuncture) to laser therapy to NIS. I couldn't do without her!"

"Kelley brought my thyroid (TSH) up from less than 0.1 in October 2014 to 1.46 in July 2015. This was accomplished through a combination of NIS and herbal treatments."