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"The amazing care I have received with Tracy has enabled me to be a fuller version of myself. Reiki and the Feldenkrais method, with all their subtlety, have created profound shifts in my body, opening doors to heightened awareness and emotional processing. Tracy’s calm, listening energy always grounded me and made me feel safe as I moved through deep layers of healing. An awesome, transformational experience every time." -C.B.

"Each time I do Reiki with Tracy, the healing becomes deeper. I feel safe and open to integrate past traumas on a deep level. Each time I leave a session, I feel totally relaxed in my body and at peace in my mind. This care has provided the quality of energy healing and sensitivity that I have craved." -N.B.

"I have been taking Tracy's Tuesday evening Feldenkrais class for over a year and I cannot recommend it too highly. In each class I discover another way my body can move, and using this awareness both consciously and unconsciously, I find ways to integrate this learning into my daily activities so that my body is less stressed. Some chronic pains have been minimized or disappeared. This not a cure but a way for me to enhance my health and well being. The exercises themselves are extremely slow and gentle and can be done in the imagination if there is any discomfort. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from this activity." -E.R.

"I recently had a facial with Tracy and loved it! Her products are plant based and feel/smell amazing. She has a very healing touch. My face felt amazing, but more than that, the treatment felt whole and left my full body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Tracy brings a lot of skills to the table and is an awesome addition to our health and wellness center!" -J.S.

"My first facial experience was amazing. Tracy knows exactly how to make you comfortable and relaxed. The products she uses are safe and effective and left my skin soft and glowing for days. I was even relaxed from the session days after!" -H.F.

"I was gifted a facial with Tracy for my birthday. What an amazing gift it turned out to be! I have always been hesitant of these types of treatments because I have sensitive skin, but the products Tracy used were all organic and smelled so yummy. They left my face feeling soft and radiant without the redness and irritation that I have experienced in the past. I also loved that Tracy incorporated her training in Reiki and energy healing during the treatment. The energy work coupled with gentleness of the facial left me feeling so relaxed, and literally glowing from the inside out! If you’re looking to treat yourself or someone you love, this is the perfect gift!” -K.G.

"Having a facial & energy balancing with Tracy was such an amazing treat! She has an excellent technique & really puts you at ease. I was so relaxed that I seriously melted into the table. I'd been having headaches & some fatigue & after my treatment today I've felt so clear & energized, but also very relaxed & centered. On top of those juicy feelings my skin is glowing & feels phenomenal! I think she definitely took a few years off. I'm gonna be a regular! If you want a wonderful mini-retreat from this crazy world just get in with her. You'll be so glad you did!" -N.H.