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Tracy Geor

Tracy attended Brevard College and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Wilderness Education. During her studies she became more and more interested in the body. After graduation she traveled to New Zealand where she further explored body work by completing a training in Massage Therapy. She then moved to Santa Fe, NM where she met a good friend that was working as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and became very interested in the Feldenkrais Method. Being so intrigued by the modality and falling in love with its capabilities, she decided to attend a four year Feldenkrais training which she completed in September 2007. Since then Tracy has continued to learn, attending many Feldenkrais advanced training workshops and conferences.  

In August 2010, Tracy received her certification to teach Russian Kettlebells. Tracy is a strong believer that strength and fitness plays a large role in health and well being. She attended several workshops put on by the Russian Kettlebell Certification, and also was invited to assist in the instruction. In 2012 to deepen her understanding of body movement, she became a Primal Move Instructor.

Tracy and her family moved back to Brevard in 2014. Since being back in the mountains she has completed several trainings to expand her knowledge and become a stronger practitioner. In October of 2015 Tracy completed Touch for Health levels one through four. This training broadened her knowledge of energetic Kinesiology. Tracy also completed a training in reiki. Reiki was the connection to the mind, body and spirit she was looking for, it felt complete.

Tracy is interested in bringing the awareness of the mind, body, and spirit into her sessions with others by integrating these different modalities. She sincerely hopes to bring her clients a new experience on their healing journey that can be incorporated into their daily life!