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Tika Vales Caldwell

(founder of Living Designs Consultants) is practicing at Lotus Path Health & Wellness Center! Tika is passionate about health, wellness, and creating optimal healing environments. A nationally respected designer and healing arts practitioner with 35 years of experience, she assists individuals and businesses in alleviating electro and geopathic stress, optimizing external energetic patterns, and creating optimal health potential. In collaboration with leading-edge scientists and engineers, she has also developed a product line of energetic tools that utilize ancient wisdom and modern technology to reduce stress and increase balance and harmony in both environmental and personal applications.  Tika is certified in a variety of health, wellness, and transformation modalities. She holds a masters in BrainState Technolgies ™ brain balancing, is trained in NLP, and is a certified Master Practitioner in the Art of Becoming Your Best Self ™. 

For more information on setting up a unique private session/consultation with Tika or to just find how to purchase her amazing technology supports …please visit her website Living Design Consultants.