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Chiropractic Care

"Our office will provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care in a caring, supportive environment. We start every adjustment off with “breath work,” coaching you through establishing an increased Brain-Body connection. We use a full-body, tensegrity based approach. The body is intimately interconnected, we cannot touch one part without affecting the whole.

If you are in the middle of health crisis from a new injury or a chronic condition, our care will provide you with the tools to gain relief and stability. If you are ready to make the critical transition to a healthier lifestyle, our Shine team will guide you. We pride ourselves in empowering our clients to think BIG as they commit to care and create their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Lastly, if you would like to use chiropractic as a lifestyle decision, our care will enable you to build neurologic and bio-energetic strategies for a heightened ability to integrate stress and life experiences.

Dr Natalia and Dr Cameron’s approach uses a combination of the Bio-Geometric Integration and MLS, taught by Dr Sue Brown and Dr Arno Burnier respectively. Both approaches emphasize reverence, connection, and listening when facilitating an adjustment. In combination, the result is a global assessment of the “neurospinal system” with transformational adjustments. Shine care emphasizes a “peace & ease” component which is important to ensuring the forces – whatever they look like – are actually going into the spine and Nervous System.

Simply put, we are really good at listening to the human body. Each adjustment may be totally different. It simply depends on what the body is asking for. The Shine team uses aspects of Activator, Chiropractic Biophysics, Thompson, Network Spinal and Toggle recoil for analyzing and applying nerve-restoring forces to the Nervous System. This is done in an honoring approach. Our adjusting art is constantly evolving as we add more tools to our practice to provide you with the highest quality of chiropractic care!"

-Dr. Cameron & Dr. Natalia

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