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Dr. Natalia

Dr. Natalia is a Puerto Rican native who grew up in the town of Caguas (30 minutes south of San Juan). She studied at the University of Puerto Rico in Cayey where she obtained her Bachelor's in Biology and Biotechnology. During this time she started to discover her passion in serving others while she volunteered in wound healing with homeless members of her community. In 2015, she left her family and island to pursue being a service to others as a Chiropractor . She attended Life University from 2015 to 2019.

In 2011, Dr. Natalia began displaying Lupus symptomatology thought to be due to an unregulated immune response. Many mornings, she would wake up with immense, disabling pain in her hands and joints. During one stressful experience at Life University, she was forced to return home to receive care and support from her family. Through continuous listening to her body and emotions, she has been able to find balance despite this challenge. She has fought and surrendered her way into better health and serenity. 

In her free time, Dr. Natalia enjoys artsy coffee shops and exploring different communities. She loves walking her dog Chloe in nature and the unconditional love that pours from this relationship. She loves to dance and go on dinner-movie dates with Dr. Cameron. Dr. Natalia loves to connect with people in a deep way with no judgement or expectations. 

Dr. Natalia believes families deserve to have the options and education to make the best decisions possible. From her experiences in her own healing, she has developed a heightened empathy for people in pain who need to be heard. Dr. Natalia has developed a passion for helping pregnant mothers and children. She has taken the Webster certification seminar to become better qualified to help mothers with a technique designed specifically for pregnancy. 

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