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Dr. Cameron

Dr. Cameron grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He attended University of Michigan for an undergraduate program in Microbiology. Following this, he committed to a full time research position in the University of Michigan Medical School for 1 year. During this time he learned a valuable lesson: covering up conditions and symptoms was not his passion. Thus he found vitalism and Chiropractic, a way to facilitate healing from the inside out.

Following this self-discovery, Dr. Cameron attended Life University from 2015 to 2019 to obtain his Doctorate of Chiropractic (D.C.). During his time there he contributed his time and energy into the 100 Year Lifestyle and MLS adjusting seminars. In 100 Year Lifestyle club, Dr. Cameron led students through active listening, communication practice, and other personal development exercises. Through his studies and leadership of MLS (Mastery Love & Service), Dr. Cameron built a foundation for connecting with and adjusting people in an honoring way. 

In his free time, Dr. Cameron is an avid hiker and enjoys day-long trail loops for his mind to unwind. He enjoys abstract painting and chooses to focus on colorful energetic displays and sunrises. Dr. Cameron is an avid believer in Life and the body’s healing potential. Chiropractic philosophy and recent metaphysical science have transformed his perception drastically. 

Dr. Cameron values relationships full of meaningful conversation but also moments of silent presence. Dr. Cameron is committed to relating these teachings to his clients in a custom way. Everyone is their unique flavor of Life and we have an opportunity to share our perspectives together; healing takes a community.

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