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Service Menu Pricing

Services Menu 2020

60 minute evaluation: $250
50-55 minute appointment: $175
40-45 minute appointment: $150
25-30 minute appointment: $125
10-15 minute appointment: $65

Acupuncture evaluation: $125
Acupuncture appointment: $75

50 minute NIS appointment: $125

Please note there is a $25 herbal/holopathic customization service fee to cover the time it takes to test for changes in potency and preparation of these special individualized treatment blends outside of a normal treatment session. These customized tincture preparations include 4 - 7 different herbal/homeopathic components in order to eliminate your cost of buying all of the bottles individually; each individual bottle would cost $24 a piece, adding up to well over $100 for each Energetix herbal tincture program customized to your specific needs. Please understand that it takes Kelley 15 - 20 minutes to assess the changes needing to be made to your tincture when that is necessary as well as the additional time to make it. The new service customization fee has been added to the service fee menu to be able to honor Kelley's clinical time and herbal/supplemental clinical knowledge. Making a single customized tincture versus having to dose from 4 - 7 single bottles has also proved to make dosing follow-through significantly easier. It was well received by clients many years ago when she started this custom single tincture style of herbal dispensing!

If your preparation is staying the same at time of refill, or your request is for our basic immune blend, no customization fee will be charged.